Heroes and Villains

7TV: Pulp Minis – Wave 1

Today, we are delighted to be able to reveal the first eight miniatures designed by the incredibly talented Ernst Veingart for 7TV: Pulp.

Of course, it’s only fair to give them their proper profile names, too…

From left to right: Crusading Crimefighter (Heroic Star), Unholy Cardinal (Villainous Co-Star), Degenerate Monarch (Villainous Star) and Intrepid Adventurer (Heroic Star)
From left to right: Hulking Henchman (Villainous Co-Star), Kingpin of Crime (Villainous Star), Occult Investigator (Heroic Star) and Renegade Royal (Heroic Co-Star)

Hopefully, these will inspire some of you to develop new casts in time for 7TV: Pulp‘s launch at the UK Games Expo on 31st May 2019…