World Building

In the early stages of developing 7TV: Pulp, the team decided to create a Hollywood studio that would be responsible for producing the serials featured in the game and other related material. After many discussions and several revisions, Pinnacle Pacific Pictures was born.

The studio began life as a poverty-row production company helmed by William James and Charles Anderson. It was won by Spenser Packard in 1936. Packard re-organised and re-modelled the studio into a slick production company shooting four or five serials a year until 1946 when its fortunes began to falter.

This section of the blog collects surviving materials from the history of Pinnacle Pacific Pictures. Some of these are in the hands of private collectors, and we thank them for their cooperation. Others reside in the Sidney Barron Memorial Archive. We extend our profound gratitude to the archivist and staff of this peculiarly British institution, which maintains an invaluable repository of cult entertainment for future generations. All Pinnacle Pacific Pictures-related images, scripts and outlines are reproduced with the blessings of their custodians.